2006 Winners

The National Awards for IT Professionals - judged by IT Professionals

This year a number of outstanding individuals have been recognised under the following Award Classes

But the subject of this Award predates the new business structure and if focused on the seemingly intractable problem of integrating eight billing engines which are mission critical for the billing of over 3 million gas and electricity customers. The lack of a common data model and no single view of the customer created unnecessary costs and complexity in AGL’s back office and call centres. The solution was achieve by delivering short term wins whilst simultaneously working on a long term ‘one and for all’ solution. By delivery needed results today the business had the confidence to adopt the long term solution. A win for the business today and for tomorrow!

Cecilia Gagarin

Through the professionalism of Cecilia the Financial Network Services (FNS) BANCS Benchmark project 2006 exceeding expectations and setting a new world record for banking systems performance – a world first and an outstanding achievement for an Australian company.

In terms of the impact on the FNS business; the successful completion of the project is a major criterion in opening doors to global markets. It establishes our product as the fastest core banking system in the world today. It gives FNS the industry recognition and sets the standard for others to follow.

Needles to say Cecilia is highly regarded by her employers and colleagues as was evident in the detailed submission received  FNS was also a 2004 Consensus Software Awards winner, and rightly so. Today FNS is a subsidiary of Tata Consulting Services.

ITP Community Award

This year we recognise Simon Malian for his work with the Malian Foundation

Mailan Foundation is Australian based worldwide network of volunteers providing corporate quality services to ‘not for profit’ organisations worldwide.

The Empowering Communities Program, offered without charge to charitable causes worldwide, provides management and open-source software tools focusing on common issues surrounding non-profit organisations such as volunteer management, fundraising, strategic planning and donor relations.

The Consulting Services Program provides strategy, process, information technology and people related management consulting services, at no charge to clients, via an international network of experienced volunteers.

ITP Service to the industry Award

The 2006 winner is Bhuvan Unhelkar academic, prolific writer His referees we unstinting in their praise describe not only demonstrates highest quality in his work, but also adheres to ethical and moral standards, befitting his title as a ‘Fellow’ of the Australian Computer Society.

Over years, I have also seen him deliver numerous talks and seminars (notably at the Australian Computer Society and at the Software Quality Association) as well as attend them with a view to network with friends and colleagues. He is himself a robust author and researcher, an excellent orator, and intellectual of the highest calibre. These are all shining examples of an IT professional.

Recognising Bhuvan through the Consensus IT Professionals award will be a fine culmination of his effort, result in recognition of an asset to the profession in Australia and provide a role model for number of youngsters looking up at this profession. 

We also add our thanks as Bhuvan was also the author of the 2004/5 Consensus Software Awards book.



Where appropriate the original nomination/ supporting or judges summaries are attached


IT Professional of the Year

Steve McWhirter

Our IT Professional of the year is a man known to have occasionally worn a Red Hat, been described as big blue, but is now better known as the Vice President of HP Software for Asia Pacific and Japan. I refer to Mr Steve McWhirter industry veteran with over 21 years of experience in the IT industry.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Education with a major in Computer Science from Sydney University and a Diploma in Pure Mathematics from the University of New England. A Stint at Olivetti Systems prepared him for several high profile roles at IBM Australia where he consistently overachieved. His final role as General Manager of Lotus Development ensured that the Lotus software suite was fully integrated into the broader IBM Software business. Moving on to be vice president of Red Hat Asia Pacific, before taking the reins at HP Software Asia Pacific, the position he currently holds.

I should also add that we gratefully acknowledge the support of Steve in the early days of the Consensus Software Awards. His drive and enthusiasm is legendary and his commitment to our software industry simply outstanding.

ITP Lifetime achievement

One of the benefits of the Consensus Model is the ability of the panel to not be constrained by category or limitation in the number of awards they can recommend, and this year after considering the depth of talent discovered decided to give recognition to two individuals for their lifetimes’ contribution to the industry. They are Ted Smillie and Pam Morris.

Pam Morris

Pam Morris is recognised internationally by the software metrics industry for promoting the importance and application of software measurement for business and IT professionals. The factor that differentiates Pam from other industry professionals is that she not only sees the need, but leads the industry by setting standards to cover current and future needs. Pam spends a lot of personal time and resources in promoting software metrics world-wide. Her work is of the highest standard and she inspires others to follow and live up to the same standard.

Ted Smillie

As a founding member of the Software Quality Association (SQA) and its predecessor Ted has contribution countless hours to the promotion of quality in the software industry. This work, sitting on committees, writing articles and representing the industry in forums here and overseas is un-glamorous and often thankless and has been paid for out of his own pocket to the detriment of his own consulting business. A very worthy individual winner.

ITP Major Project

The ITP Major Project Award recognised achievement at the coalface of the industry where the delivery IT solutions to apparently intractable business problems have to be achieved on time and budget with no disruption to normal operations. This year the panel has chosen to recognise two individuals who have an inspiring story to tell. The 2006 winners are;

Richard Deck

You will have heard in the press the various takeover battles between AGL and Allinta. These two industry heavyweights are now restructuring their energy and resource assets and Richard is in the thick of attempting to integrate and separate the major backbone systems vital to the smooth running of the businesses.

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The National Awards for IT Professionals - judged by IT Professionals

This year we will recognise individual achievement

Senate, and was most recently guest of honour at the 2006 Consensus Software Awards and presented the 2005 Consensus IT Writers Awards - for excellence in print and on-line journalism.

Who are the judges? How does it work?

On the Entry Form we ask you to provide the information we need under the three headings listed and ask you to provide an appropriate referee, someone who is willing to support your application and sit on the national judging panel. Consensus will, if necessary, appoint additional judges to ensure a balanced and respected panel. The judges will be free to make as many award recommendations as they believe are merited.

If you have worked in the IT industry for more that 5 years, have established a track record of achievement (delivering major projects on time on budget, for example) or have contributed to the industry or the wider community you should enter the Awards.

It is easy to enter – no entry fee required – Click here for the entry form

Thanks to Hudson IT&T the Awards will be announced and presented at an exclusive industry gathering in Sydney on 6 December by the Hon. Senator Stephen Conroy, Shadow Minister for Communications and Information Technology.

Award Ceremony Wednesday 6 December 2006

Attendance strictly by invitation
- please call (02) 9719 9344

Hudson IT&T proud supporter of the
Consensus IT Professional Awards


Senator Conroy with Terry Insley, Director of Programs (L) and Julian Day, Managing Director (R) of Consensus Awards at the 2005 Consensus IT Writers Awards presentations

For more information click here, or assistance in making an entry please contact Julian Day, Managing Director of Consensus on (02) 9719 9344 or click here to email

The Senator knows the ITC industry and work of Consensus well. He has been in Federal Parliament since 1996 and has held the IT portfolio since 2004. He is also Deputy Opposition Leader in the

If you don’t wish to enter yourself, but know of someone who should be recognised, please use the same form below. click here for a PDF of this document

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Factors that will be considered include, technical challenge, delivery of project on time - on budget, leadership or personal development, improving the profile of IT etc, community work not necessarily related to the work environment.

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Introduction to the Consensus IT Professional Awards

Consensus has a track record of running professional awards programs for over 7 years and has introduced the Consensus IT Professional Awards to honour Australia’s professionals in their work and accomplishments.

These awards were first run in 2004 in conjunction with the Consensus Software Awards where nominations were limited to finalists of those awards. The winners in 2004 were Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar of Atlassian software who have since made a name for themselves as building one of Australia’s fastest growing companies.

With support from the Australian Computer Society, Hudson IT&T and Computerworld Magazine, the Consensus IT Professional Awards have now been launched in their own right. 

Nomination and Judging process

The IT Professional Awards nomination and judging process is built upon the successful and proven Consensus Model™ which has been used over the last seven years on other Consensus Awards Programs.

There will be an open nomination process through wide coverage and promotion across the whole of the IT sector.

Nominations are made via the Awards website and must be a maximum of 1000 words including a photograph suitable for publication on the Awards website. Each nomination must also contain at lease one referee who is wiling to sit on the judging panel.

Round 1 judging will be via the Awards website. All judges will be asked to review all nominations and vote for as many as they wish to go forward to Round 2.  Judges that do not participate in Round 1 automatically eliminates the Individual that nominated them.

From a consensus of votes received a short-list in each category will be arrived at. The final number will be determined by the quality of nominations and the number that can be judged in Round 2. The Consensus model includes provision for an independent auditor if required.

The final judging panel will comprise of selected 1st round referees/judges and other invited senior IT professionals. Finalists will, if necessary, be invited to meet the judging panel (by video conference if necessary).

The judges may confer as many awards as they feel appropriate. A suitable worded citation will be developed by the judging panel to be read out at the Awards Presentations and used in any press or publicity.

2006 Timetable

  • Nominations now open and close 8 November

  • Judging begins in November

  • Awards Presentations - 6 December

Awards Presentations

The first year’s Awards Presentation will be held in Sydney with all finalists and invited guests from a wide area of influence. Consensus has a good track record of Ministers presenting Awards and will identify and invite the most appropriate one(s) to be present on the night. Awards evenings are always a terrific opportunity for networking. Consensus will make all official photography available at no charge to all finalists, guests and to the Media Partner for their use.

If you can't find the information you need please contact the organisers direct on (02) 9719 9344 

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