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Product Description

ediEnterprise is an Enterprise class system designed to automate and streamline the operations and management of International Supply Chain service providers like International Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Depots, Container Terminals, Trucking Companies and other customs barrier providers. The system also provides client order management, 3PL and 4PL warehousing, process and communication integration, report writer, customisable document and form sets and a large set of front and back office integrations. 

ediEnterprise has a fully integrated accounting system built from the ground up to suit our target market. Importantly, the accounting system is powerful and yet simple enough for small businesses while being feature rich enough for major public corporations, both national and multinational.

ediEnterprise is a multi-company, multi-branch, multi-department system with all parts of our market’s front and back office requirements out of the box. Our clients need only purchase the operating system (Windows 2000 or better). MS Excel is needed only for key sales and accounting staff. No other licenses or products are required to create a whole of supply chain process.

Digital Document storage and retrieval is built into every part of the process enabling all supply chain documents to be stored, catalogued and retrieved on screen during the work process. Data retention can be any combination of online, CD/DVD stored or streaming back device. 

The system ships with a powerful eCommerce translator capable of XML, Edifact, ANSI X12, and CargoIMP standard. Data can be replicated and shared between branches and International offices of the Enterprise out of the box without complex 3rd party replication tools.

The system is built on Microsoft.Net (specifically C#) and uses MS SQL 2000 as its core database. The architecture is a true N-Tier form and the entire design is highly object oriented with the business and upper data access layer presenting data in a pure OO way.

With over 100 person years of development effort on the .Net implementation alone, ediEnterprise is a world class system that has no visible rivals amongst its competitors. It integrates never before seen features and automations with well understood standard processes and presents these in a simple user friendly form. 

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 Product at a glance

Product type

Major system

Target Industry Sectors


Specifically International Forwarding and Customs Compliance, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Depot and Ships Agency, Local Transport Manager, CRM and Sales Management, Process Management plus many other modules 

Fault tolerance

Fault Tolerant

Innovation indicators

Creating a business Advantage
Breaking new ground
Earth shrinking
New Technology


Deep Integration of all business process and innovations

Performance indicators

Enterprise quality system
Exceptional customer support
Professionally executed design
Real user benefits
Sets new benchmark

Potential indicators

Designed for international use
Enterprise structured for growth
Identified potential markets
Other recognition
Successful track record

Contact for more information

Richard White, CEO


Creating a business advantage

ediEnterprise supports and automates the full logistics process used by all Supply Chain service providers the world over. Each piece of the highly fragmented process is bought together in ediEnterprise  in a form that allows easy access and rich experience for users.

Critical business advantages of this product include

  1. Major labour saving because of removal of double keying, increased speed of information access and rich interfaces that provide deep information sources for all personnel in the business.

  2. Ease of installation and implementation (shrink wrap install)

  3. Ease of training (Fully electronic training materials)

  4. Simple, common user interface design that hide complex and powerful processes

  5. Ability to customise and personalise all customer facing documents (Eg: invoices, statements, PreAlerts, Manifests, Order status, Delivery Advices etc)

  6. Auto Creation and Delivery of all client documentation and communications. Integration of Fax, Email, Print and SMS subsystems to provide a common notification and delivery platform

  7. Deep audit tracking of all system and user actions 

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Breaking new ground 

Innovations and developments that break new ground are

  1. Integration of Document scanning and imaging into every part of the process and on every form. Scanning sub system includes barcode recognition (in house developed) and Optical Character Recognition for processing of inbound supply chain documents to data and for automatic placement against job records.

  2. Client, Supplier and Partner communications integrated into every system. The Document subsystem works alongside the business process

  3. Report and Document creation tools based on a simple Excel spreadsheet template system makes it simple and elegant for users to create good looking documents and powerful reports. 

Earth shrinking potential

  1. Our target market clients are either small local businesses with many partners around the world with similar businesses or major multinational corporations with many branches and company entities in many countries. ediEnterprise interconnects those disparate business partners or business units and automatically moves order, shipment, manifest and delivery information between the origin and destination systems

  2. Replication (as per one) also shares all business activity and sales data in a tightly coupled sales management and CRM system designed with our clients in mind. Potential leads and sales opportunities form this and many times more available that before because the barriers of distance and time are entirely removed.3. Visibility of the supply chain is complete and available to customers of our target clients. We know of no off the shelf package anyway that can remove the barriers caused by the fragmented nature of International Trade. Only massive corporations like Fedex, Deutche Post and UPS etc have similar systems capability.

New technology

The system is built with a fresh set of design principles, a fresh and modern development methodology, a powerful development culture and new development tool set. The details are

  1. For 3 years we have research our legacy product (Deliverance) and our market place, divining and defining the supply chain process and the underlying schema that represents it. This whole of chain approach was driven from academic and practical viewpoints and was and is collaborated on with a number of outside institutions including the University of Technology Sydney.

  2. The replication piece is a fundamental shift away from the central model of data driven businesses. Allowing massive scaling and yet keeping all parts of the business process synchronised in ‘real enough time’. This innovation is in part the subject of a current PhD by CEO Richard White

  3. We use a custom built Agile methodology originally based on Extreme Programming but very heavily modified and combined with Scrum and a number of in house changes. The development process is supported by tools and electronic processes integrated into ediEnterprise itself – in oter words we develop ediEnterprise and use ediEnterprise as a supporting toolset in the development process. Microsoft calls this ‘Eating your own dog food’. This and our Development Culture are the most powerful tools we have – much more powerful that the language, tools and platform we use.

  4. Development Culture – We have built a powerful product over the last three years, but this is not due to dumb luck, or pre existing skills, we have activity and constantly worked on the culture of the company and teams to enable this to happen. We collaborate with Ass Professor Ken Dovey of UTS who as part of his research in to Organisational culture works in our teams 1 day per week. We have very low staff turnover and a highly productive, happy and quality focused group of people that create ediEnterprise. Further we are highly attractive to the best and brightest because of our development methods and Culture.

Deep Integration of all business process and innovations Simply put no competitor anywhere has created the depth of integration and amount of innovation that we have created in ediEnterprise

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Enterprise quality system

International Supply chain service providers are a major part of the process of international trade, increasing globalisation and the opening of new markets (eg: China WTO agreement) mean increasing volumes and deeper sophistication in an increasingly complex world particularly in terms of the war on Terror, Customs and Quarantine barrier control and other documentary and physical impediments to International Trade. The product is design with the task of either integrating disparate partner organisations or connecting the disconnected branches of major multinationals. It accounting systems, HR, Sales Management and CRM features make it suitable for larger Enterprises that traditional needed to build a world wide system at great cost and risk. Current orders and sales interest suggest that is is highly attractive to teir 1 and 2 players in our market. 

Exceptional product support

Product support is designed into the software, rather than added as a support desk afterthought. The following tools are important parts of the support structure.

  1. Automatic delivery of service releases, patches and upgrades via Email or HTTP.

  2. Client has the ability to hold, log and plan update events by the sysadmin as a part of our application infrastructure

  3. Client logging of support incidents is built into the ediEnterprise application so that clients can use ediEnterprise to report its own problems or use our website.

  4. The ability to revert the system to a previous good version as part of roll forward roll back data and code versioning.

  5. The automatic reporting of exceptions as XML packets to our problem and defect management system (Problem and Defect manager is written as a part of Enterprise running in our development environment). Exceptions are reported to the system with detailed state and stack-trace information.

  6. Clients can send a database image in a highly compressed and encrypted form to our support system so that we can analysed, fix code and repair data.

  7. User suggestion and feature management – the users can make product suggestions that flow directly to our product mangers. They can do this from every part of our system

  8. Automated Integration, Unit and UI testing – the entire system is regression tested on two Automatic test systems (integrated into the platform) and every 40 minutes all integration and unit test results are reported and every 4 hours all UI results are reported.

  9. Clients can call a local number in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore and speak to our support desk which is open 24x7. The client has access to English, Mandarin, Hockian, Cantonese, Indonesian/Malay, Russian, German, Arabic, Portuguese speaking staff.

Professionally executed code

We are happy to provide to the judges, detailed code samples and high level design of the object model and the various code patterns used in implementing the system. New coders that have joined us (the dev team has grown from 13 people to 53 are amazed at and always compliment the pure OO design and easy development environment built by our people 

Real user benefits

The best way of understanding real user benefits is through real users. We are happy to provide the judges with access to key clients using the system.

Sets new industry benchmarks 

Again the best way of understanding new industry benchmarks is through real users. We are happy to provide the judges with access to key clients using the system.


Designed for international use

The system is inherently an international system because of its international supply chain market place. It can support multi lingual - dual language use – that is it can create and manage the international documents and processes in English and it can create and manage the local processes and documentation in any one of a number of languages.

Enterprise structured for growth

Built with the larger enterprise in mind, but conscience of the size of market for SME supply chain providers we have created a single system with multi company, multi location capability.

Identified potential markets

Our company already sells this products (now legacy) predecessor in 26 countries and based on current revenues from a now quite inferior product we believe that ediEnterprise is attractive to any market in any country were import export processes are a part of the economic pattern of business. On current estimation that is about 150+ countries.

Other awards or recognition received

Dot-Net Connected Certified, Windows 2003 Verified. Will be XP certified by within 60 days.

Success in home or export markets

The product is only in early release and we are choosing customers carefully, however, there is enormous demand and we are booked solid on Training and Installation resources until Mid April. We have orders for a number of multi country regional installations in total around 1M in new business. We are still restricting the availability to selected potential clients. Of Australian Businesses we have a number of examples 

Woolworths have ordered and installed and are now using ediEnterprise to manage its international supply chain business, and two other major players in the Australian retail market are due to confirm their purchase of ediEnterprise shortly.

Rohlig Australia, JAS Australia (both Multinationals) and a number of other local forwarding companies are in the middle of implementation as we speak. Wako group, a regional forwarding and logistics company have ordered and are implementing in HK and Mainland China – including Dual Language use.

Working with international collaborators

We are partnering with a US Public company Vastera Inc. and other as yet un-announced opportunities. We have an understanding that they will be promoting our products where their own offering does not have capability. Our product has Customs compliance and declaration capabilities in countries that they do not have any capability.

Other information the judges should know



Richard White


Eagle Datamation International Pty Ltd

Level 2, 184 Bourke Rd Alexandria

(02) 9025 1100 


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