2005 Consensus Software Awards
Winners' Citations as provide by the panel of judges
Listed in alphabetical order by company name
All Awards of equal value


1) AfterMail – AfterMail

AfterMail, the next generation email management platform that provides a solution to the growing challenges of email archiving, gained a 2005 Consensus Software Award for their clear and distinct means of addressing the needs of their target market - especially in the areas of compliance and storage." "Aftermail gave a well prepared presentation and was able to clearly and thoroughly address the judges' questions and queries. Congratulations!

2) ConnXion – ConnXion Pty Ltd

ConnXion's multi-channel document delivery system exceeded the judging panel's criteria in all three of the categories: innovation, performance and potential. The ConnXion product is already a mature and successful product in its market space and has significant potential for growth both locally and internationally. It is pleasing to see an IT product that has a direct positive impact on the environment through its aim to reduce the amount of paper-based documents. This product is a leader in its field.

3) EasyPost – Easy Post

The name Easy Post is synonymous for its simple approach for an every day business need. The technical solution based on a modified printer driver is straight forward and easy to use. Easy Post's strong strategic thinkers developed a promising market approach for a wide target market (from small enterprises to large organisations) with a huge market potential.

4) E-Novation Pty Ltd – BizWize

The holistic approach and design of Bizwise provides an easy and usable tool to provide Business Performance Management in a flexible approach. The ability to drive and visualise all key metrics and standards is a direct benefit in Bizwise’s thought and vision to the marketplace.

5) FNS – Bancs

With 105 major banking clients worldwide, Bancs has proven itself a winner with ongoing potential. Bancs innovative strategies moved away from silos taking a complete ‘end to end’ fully integrated view of the banks business and services. The early adoption of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and use of the .Net technology provides high levels of portability and technological flexibility providing true competitive advantage. A core team that has been with the organisation for a long time supports the product. This expertise combined with flexible technology and regional knowledge, allows the organisation to identify and respond quickly to client needs whilst at the same time controlling cost and product integrity.

6) GetData Pty Ltd – RecoverMyData

GetData’s Recover My Files left me feeling like I’d just been exposed to one of those ‘killer apps’! This seemingly simple technology will rebuild all sorts of files from scraps left on a storage device even if the file allocation tables have been destroyed. Build around original ideas there isn’t anything else that can do what Recover My Files can do. The marketing of the product is excellent (the idea of showing the trial user the recovered file before they buy is brilliant!) and offshore distribution already delivering. A great product with a great future. Well Done!

7) ICOMMS – RadPro

The judges commend RF-Aware for their RadPro RF radiation modelling product. The tool’s patented technology helps optimise modelling of RF radiation in complex antenna installations, thereby increasing radiation safety for personnel, and optimising lucrative antenna space for building and tower owners. RadPro’s novel components reduce the need for time-consuming manual measurement, by predicting the irradiation for an antenna installation. Customers are provided additional confidence through globally-recognised certification of the product’s performance. We were impressed with RadPro’s application of strong domain knowledge to create a product combining safety, efficiency and innovation, helping it to win an impressive list of domestic and international customers.

8) Infra Corp – InfraEnterprise

Infra Corporation's Infra Enterprise product is an excellent and unique IT service management utility. Based around, and certified to, the ITIL standard, it is designed to serve the many needs of an IT service organisation as either an in-house support platform or for a Service Provider providing an outsourcing service. The system supports workflow creation, trouble ticketing, problem analysis and documentation, variable time zones and multiple languages as well as integrating to both network management, messaging and other systems. Fully web enabled, Infra is able to adapt to low bandwidth dial-up links, through its novel wrapper based browser approach. The architecture is lightweight, provides customer-centric views, and can either be customised to the organisation using it, or adapted out of the box. Given that IT support is becoming more and more onerous for organisations, this system provides a structured and comprehensive tool to enable a range of enterprises the mechanism to get back to business. The judges have no hesitation in commending this product for a 2005 Consensus Software Award.

9) nSynergy Pty Ltd – LegalNet

nSynergy'sLegalNet, a .Net vertical software solution for the legal industry, launched in January 2004, has gained a foothold in many large law firms. This software platform for collaboration between law firms and in-house corporate legal teams gained it's 2005 Consensus Software Award due to its focused approach to innovation and performance in the key industry vertical market. "The marketing of LegalNet, not just in Australia, but in the UK and the US shows great potential for this home-grown product. Congratulations!

10) Oniqua Pty Ltd – OEA

Oniqua’s Enterprise Analytics is an innovative solution that simplifies and automates an otherwise complex and resource intensive effort required for optimising decisions for Maintenance, Inventory and Procurement. The solution allows companies to increase their return on investment, by providing all decision makers, including non-experts and remote offices, with guidance that is consistent with corporate policies and which incorporates intelligence delivered by Oniqua’s optimisation algorithms.
We were most impressed with Oniqua’s domain expertise, their track record with major clients and their clear focus on their target market. The judges congratulate Oniqua’s Enterprise Analytics on being a winner of the 2005 Consensus Software Awards.

11) OpenWindows – OW Contracts

The judges were impressed with this web-enabled risk management software tool that facilitates Best Practices and Corporate Governance in the enterprise management, contract authoring, tracking of contracts and obligations. Open Windows Contracts takes the worries and logistics quagmire from the minds of individuals into a knowledgebase available to authorized users in an effective and efficient way by instituting a business process to map, track, and manage contracts and relationships across the business enterprise.

No more worries about missing contract renewal dates, term and conditions with notifications, reminders and escalations.

12) Plantech Consulting Group – PES

PlanTech's Enterprise Solution (PES) is a practice management system for the financial services industry. For the first time, these specialist businesses and their customers can benefit from having integrated data and tools that yields better service and better advice. PES is breaking new ground with standards, customer service and information integration - the future looks good.

13) RocketReader – RocketReader

RocketReader is a great piece of innovation that blends solid academic research and some original ideas into a package that helps people read faster and retain more. As knowledge grows so does the amount we need to read and these skills helps young and old do just that. The package is bundled with an interface that appeals to the younger set and incorporates an AI process that sets the level to challenge the user at the appropriate level. All in all this is an excellent product with a track record and enormous potential.

14) Sparxs – EA

The Enterprise Architect UML modelling tool for the Windows platforms, developed by Sparx Systems, was presented with a 2005 Consensus Software Award because the company demonstrated ongoing product innovation resulting in increased performance benefits with each version released." "Sparx Systems presented well by addressing the clear market opportunity for the Enterprise Architect product. Congratulations!

15) TASKey Pty Ltd – TASKey TEAM

Taskey Team software enables organisations to manage work related tasks through a web browser, allowing departments to coordinate work and focus employees and teams on the achievement of corporate strategy. Taskey Team gain its 2005 Consensus Software Award as the company was able to provide an innovative approach to product development resulting in performance benefits to the end users." Taskey's presentation clearly identified the market potential for its product. Congratulations! 

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